Our Team

Who We Are

BTW images was founded in 2009 to provide Visual Marketing services in the Washington, DC area. We are a small business with a passion for technology and service.  We bring our passion for cutting-edge technology and visual marketing to every project we take on.

We are frequently called upon to talk about emerging technology, recognized as a small business with big ideas.  We continue to expand our business, our minds, and our passion.

Based in the Washington, DC metro area, our clients are as diverse as the region.  From home builders to Orthodontists to Law Firms, we continue to grow our clients, not by industry, but by need.  Providing web design and digital marketing to clients in the US, we also provide Professional Photography and Video production services to local clients.

As our business has grown, so have we, and so have our clients.  We are proud to be part of such a wonderful group in a growing age of technology and social networking.

Our Mission

To be a leader in the industry of still photography and web design. We will do so by establishing a loyal client base through superior customer service and pioneering technology.




Brian L. Woods
Co-owner/Marketing and Communications
Brian was born and raised in Colorado. He proudly served in the US Navy for 8 years as a legal consultant and received a Navy Achievement Medal plus several other distinguished awards.

Brian left the Navy to pursue a career in Client Relations. His career led him to the airline industry where he worked for such airlines as TWA, World Airways as In-Flight Service Manager, and United Airlines. Brian also worked for United Express as their Employee Relations Hub Manager for the East Coast, based in Dulles, VA. His Airline and Management careers have extended in the work force for over 18 years.

Brian changed careers in 2007, moving to the Orthodontics field. His skills in customer service and client relations allowed him to advance quickly to Clinic Operations/Marketing Coordinator for two respectable offices in Burke and Gainesville, VA.

Brian has lived in the Washington, DC area for over 14 years. In his spare time he enjoys outdoor activities, being actively involved with the ASPCA and enjoys doing anything to promote Cancer awareness and actively walks in the 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer.

Brian studied at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

Ted Wiatrak Jr.
Co-owner/Technology and Development

Ted was born in Western Pennsylvania and moved to the Washington DC area in 1991.

He enjoyed 17 years in the Government working for the Department of Defense. His career started as a computer programmer and took him through numerous positions of project management and technical leads, finishing as the Chief Technical Scientist at a DoD agency.

He has long had a passion for photography and is happy to finally pursue it through his new career. In his spare time, Ted enjoys catching up on the latest technical trends and spending time with his dogs.

Ted holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Astronomy from Penn State and a Master’s Degree in Technology Management from George Mason.

Jennifer Vuong
Media Director
At a young age, Jennifer’s stylized self-portraiture was heralded as the new big thing in stick figures, though only by her parents. Eventually, this led to her studies in the Communication Arts department at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she got her BA. After some years in freelance artistry and customer service, she left her native Virginia on a midnight plane to England in hot pursuit of an MA in Graphic Design and the opportunity to frustrate people by not pronouncing “aluminum” the English way. (She succeeded in both ventures.)

When not using her skills for good as BTW’s administrator of media and communications, Jennifer enjoys baking, living vicariously though Poirot novels, and contemplating going for a run.

James Roberts
Scheduling Administrator
James spent his childhood traveling the country as an army brat and living in such varied places as Texas, North Carolina and Hawaii. In 2001, he earned his degree in Marketing from Texas Tech University. Since then, he has taken up residence in Virginia where he has earned professional backgrounds in direct marketing, graphic design and insurance. When he’s not scheduling and rescheduling photo shoots for BTW, he likes to discover local restaurants, visit museums, catch up on his comic book reading and find new dramas on Netflix to binge watch.
Aisha Khan
Administrator of Media/Floor Plan Specialist
Aisha was born in Karachi, Pakistan but grew up in Fairfax County and graduated from Mount Vernon College at the George Washington University with a BA in Interior Design.  She loves to travel and has been blessed to be able to travel afar and experience different cultures and people.  Mom Extraordinaire with a wicked sense of humor, she loves art, history, music, and reading.  Aisha speaks Urdu and French, and lives by Andy Warhol’s quote “ I think everybody should like everybody”.

Rodrigo Betancor
A long life Northern Virginia resident, Rodrigo’s passion for photography sprung from his obsession with cars, well anything with a motor really. Naturally, he picked up a camera and began taking pictures of cars which lead to his passion for automotive photography. Now trying to expand his photographic skills, he has ventured into the world of architectural photography here at BTW Images. Rodrigo is currently attending Germanna Community College where he plans to transfer to a 4 year university and pursue a degree in Engineering. In his free time he likes to work on cars, play music, and hangout at the beach with his family, girlfriend, and siberian husky, Bradley. 
Hunter Rangel
Scheduling Coordinator
Born and raised in NoVA, Hunter’s history is short, yet varied. From the age of 4, he was enrolled in Taekwondo classes in various studios, culminating in a 3rd degree Black Belt earned in 2015. He was fortunate enough to channel this into 7 years as the head instructor at a local martial arts studio. Since then, he has cross-trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Before joining the BTW images team, Hunter was the primary event coordinator for a company renting moon bounces, rock walls, and other inflatable activities. When he’s not working, Hunter enjoys hitting the gym, PC gaming, working on his car, and playing Magic: The Gathering with his friends.
Kim Holmlund
Financial Specialist
I am a native Virginian, born and raised. I worked on Capital Hill for the US Congress for many years and have a strong background in copy editing and publishing. One of the more fun jobs I had was working on a continuity series on Baseball. It is a great way to learn to love the game of baseball. However, hockey is still the sport I think takes the most skill.

I also spent 18 years working at the Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, where I was able to meet many artists and enjoy a wide array of music.

I have two grown children that I couldn’t be more proud of. I love long walks on stormy beaches….I know, everybody says that but it really is true….When I grow up I plan on buying an island in the Caribbean and living there with my goats, sheep, dogs and a few close friend.

I love to garden but find that it is easy for lawn care to get the best of you if you aren’t vigilant. I would much rather grow a vegetable garden than a manicured lawn.

I fancy myself as a fiber artist…I love to spin, weave, knit, crochet. When my daughter was in Elementary school I taught her Girl Scout troop how to knit and we made a total of 103 infant caps for the local hospital.

I am a certified hang glider, a volunteer for the Virginia Democratic Party and a member of the Smith Island Crab Skiff Association. I am most happy when I am near the sea, salt water and sand.

Tevin Stuart
Media Specialist
Tevin Stuart was born in southern Maryland. In 2016, he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Communications with a concentration in Productions from The Norfolk State University. As a former musician and now a photographer, Tevin enjoys capturing and sharing life moments of his family and friends. Tevin, now moves back to the DMV area to embark on his odyssey and life long learning adventures. 
Jordan Heinrich
Jordan moved to the D.C. area in 2004 from Dallas. He studied english and graphic design at George Mason University and then held his VA real estate license for three years before joining BTW images. You can find him at the office assisting clients in the operations department or out in the field as your dedicated floor plan specialist. In his free time he enjoys going out to local events, drawing, and traveling.
Jeff Song
Jeff was born in Seoul, Korea and had moved to Northern Virginia at the age of 14.

His love for photography began when he started shooting for his high school yearbook production. There, his works were recognized through winning the first place in Gettysburg Yearbook Experience and the awards from other local competitions.
He then graduated from George Mason University and went on to pursue a career in the Information Technology field while taking photography jobs in a freelance capacity shooting weddings and events.  In 2012, one of his works were published by National Geographic’s Special Edition on DC Cherry Blossom Festival.  This led him to become a full time photographer and he never looked back.  Besides from shooting real estate, he also shoots weddings and events as he always has been.  He enjoys his free time playing a parent with his son let alone catching up with the editing.
Andrii Sosnovskyi
Photographer/3D Technician/Videographer
Andrii was born and raised in the Ukraine and moved to the United States only a few years ago. For a fourth of his life photography was just his hobby (don’t open your eyes too wide: Andrii is just 20 y.o.).

Working at BTW images expanded his passion to art and enlightened his true passion to real estate photography.

Andrii has an associates degree in nuclear engineering.  In his spare time he enjoys going out of town.

Phil Yonker
Phil Yonker was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland. Growing up, Phil aways had an interest and passion for photography, which he credits his father for who owns Imperial Framing in Silver Spring, MD. Phil grew up around photography and learning the trade from a very young age, but following high school he worked in various different jobs before choosing photography as a career and deciding to return to school. He graduated from the Art Institute of Washington in 2011 with his degree in photography and has been working in the field ever since. Before coming to BTW Images, Phil worked for Grub Hub, Splendid Photography, and developed an antique catalog for an upcoming Auction Company.

In his spare time, you can find Phil hiking with his dog, golfing, spending time with his family and friends, traveling, and continuing to master his craft of photography.

John Covington
J.R. “Buzz” Covington is an internationally published and award-winning photographer who brings a wealth of travel experience and a unique perspective to his work. Buzz began photography as a hobby in junior high, which turned into a passion and a profession as an adult. During his worldwide travels in the military spanning 25 years, Buzz has seen and documented some amazing sights.

Buzz spent eight years flying aboard various electronic warfare aircraft in the Navy, and 17 years in the Army as an AH-64D Apache Longbow Instructor Pilot. Now retired from the military, he enjoys devoting the amount of time and effort to photography as a professional that the art deserves.

He has worked for the U.S. Olympic Committee (Team USA) in London and Sochi, the Combined Services Disabled Ski Team (UK), Reebok, One MR Apparel, and several other agencies.  Buzz is currently the North American editor for HeliOps and HeliOps-Frontline magazines, and stays busy as a real estate photographer for BTW images.  He is a member of the PPA, RPA, and the Washington Arts Club.  Buzz lives with his family and two English Bulldogs in the Washington DC area.

Mason Pham
Floor Plan Specialist
Born in Vietnam, raised in Holland, and now living in America. Mason loves everything that has the word “design” in it. Hence had a career in Hair Design and studied Architecture. Mason spends most of his free time (too much time) watching Gordon Ramsay shows and cooking whatever Gordon cooks. Marco Pierre White is pretty awesome too. Tony Robbins inspires Mason to keep on figuring out and doing awesome things in life.

His Favorite artist is Macklemore and his ultimate goal in life is to travel the world.

Derek Brockmeier
Photographer/3D Technician/Floor Plan Specialist
Born and raised in the Mount Vernon area in Alexandria VA, Derek lived the life of an artistic only child with a very active imagination. Studying all forms of art, including photography and drafting in high school and throughout his stay at the Alexandria NOVA campus as well as George Mason University. Derek graduated from GMU with a Bachelor’s in Printmaking, and after a bit of searching, ended up on BTW’s doorstep with a myriad of skills to contribute, into a place that quickly felt like family.

While not out on a job making Floorplans, doing a 3D Scan, or taking pictures of a home. The wild Derek can be found at home playing video games, playing Dungeons & Dragons, practicing archery, or finding another excuse to put off doing some exercise.

Will Hinostroza
Will Hinostroza moved from Miami FL to Washington DC in 2007. He studied Photography at Montgomery College and originally he wanted to pursuit a degree in Criminal Justice but found himself in love with photography after a friend gave him his first digital camera. One of his professors at Montgomery College told him once that he was really good at leading lines and angles and that he can make a really good Architecture Photographer. Besides photography Will loves cars and motorcycles and of course his family.
Michael Davis
Floor Plan Specialist
Michael was born in Iowa to two Navy parents. After briefly joining the Marine Corps himself, he moved to Canada to study Architecture. Being an avid traveler, Michael has moved twenty-seven times and visited forty out of the fifty states and four of the Canadian provinces so far. He is a loving father to three daughters and one son. In his spare time, Michael enjoys anything creative from cooking, to drawing, to rockin’ out on bass guitar.