Natalie Donovan

Associate Broker, GRI, ABR, Weichert

WeichertHi Jordan, I just wanted to say thank you for the great job on the Attingham Court brochures. The seller is over the top thrilled ! Thank you for making me look so good.

Tiffany Ford

Operations Manager for Michele Mamo's Real Estate Teams

KellerWilliams_Prim_Logo_CMYKBeautiful work! You guys are GENIUS! Our clients are always so pleased with their photos and I know you put a lot of time and effort into not only taking the best shots, but touching up the ones that aren’t the best so they make the home shine. Your photographers and office staff are always a pleasure to work with, and  your flexibility makes an enormous difference in our business.

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do!



I just saw the pictures for my listing and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the nice work you did on the photos.  The pictures are such an improvement over the pictures that were shown on my previous listing.  The house overall just look so much more attractive.

Katie Espinoza

Listings Coordinator

KellerWilliams_Prim_Logo_CMYKThese photos are fantastic!! 🙂  I was so worried.  This listing has just been a nightmare to deal with.  I was worried the photos weren’t going to look good because myself or Lucinda couldn’t be there to see the property after the cleaning job.  It wasn’t that I didn’t trust you.  But you saw the place Friday morning.  It was a mess!  And I did the best I could to get it looking better Friday evening when I went again.  But when I left I still wasn’t happy with how the property looked.  So it was hard to feel confident because I couldn’t visualize what you would be photographing.  But the seller and the cleaners did a great job putting the place back together.  And you did an AMAZING  job with the photos!!  I can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond with this one!  🙂

Debbie Somers

Office Manager, The Lewis Team

lf logoI just looked at the photos you took yesterday. They are fantastic! I understand that you went above and beyond to get the front exteriors. They are fabulous! Thank you for your hard work. We really appreciate it

Cristin Cotton

Home Owner

Barbara just forwarded me the images,  You Get It!  Thank you so much for portraying my home the way I see it.  There are nuances in the progression of rooms that you captured and I’m delighted. I’ve advised Barbara to utilize your work and dump the dude.  In simple format, you managed to catch the architecture, highlight the true color and control the wide angle junk of others. I’ve been campaigning for the real estate world to rethink their sanitized, “looks like a bad divorce” approach for the high end market. In my business I make client’s dreams come true and in your work you showed that a home lived in can also be shown well. Why do they all conform? Whoops, I digressed,,,,but, a simple thank you was not enough.  I have retired, but your work has me thinking of future endeavors where photography would make it work.  Let me find a new place and shake out  the clutter of this phase and see what happens.

James Kastner


towneres_logo_white_web_drop_shadow9Um, are you miracle workers!?  Yes, yes you are.  You just gave us THREE property photo sets in one day.  ONE DAY.  We cannot thank you enough.  Our clients can’t thank you, too.  We have such confidence working with all of you.  You are an amazing asset and a huge part of our marketing team.

With sincere gratitude and thanks,

James and Kathleen