I hate Twitter. That’s no secret. I know one of the reasons is I never took the time to organize my list of who I am following to weed out the noise. So I get tons of traffic updates among quality tweets and have given up.

There is one app that I use on the iPad that does help both on twitter and Facebook. It is called Flipboard. It connects to my social media accounts and decrypts shortened URLs, retrieves the content from the URL, and places it in a magazine layout. So my twitter stream turns from a garbled 140 character mess to a collection of information in an easy to read format.

Flipboard also connects to other social sites and popular rss feeds from newspapers and magazines. Popular feeds are already set up in the preferences and can be turned on and off as you see fit. You can also add other blogs that you follow.

I recommend this app to take the mystery out of the microblogs and to gather all your information in one, easy to read place.

Check the out at flipboard.com

Thanks for reading.