Branding is important for any business. Deciding on a logo, color scheme, typeset and font, etc. can be one of the most important and stressful decisions you will make.

You should push your branding on everything you do.  For our company, it is thesunflower, which is on every website, product, card, etc.  Always be consistent throughout everything you do.  You and your graphic person should know the exact colors of you logo in RGB and CMYK.

When designing, keep a few things in mind:

  • What will it look like in black and white?
  • Can it be embroidered on clothing?
  • Is it original and easily recognizable?
  • Does it work with variations?

Invest in some shirts, pull overs, etc. wherever you find them on sale and take them to a local embroiderer to brand it with you logo.  You should have them on anytime you are doing work.  It conveys professionalism along with advertising you to others as you do your work.

Work hard on your branding strategy.  A well thought out strategy will not only help you get your company recognized, but often makes life easier down the line on developing letterhead, advertisements, etc.

Thanks for reading 🙂