I recently read an article by a local Burke remodeler who talked about doing SWOT analysis on your company. This took me back to my college days and figured it was time to do one again for our business.

Those who are not familiar with SWOT analysis, it is a four quadrant chart of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. They are arranged to give a view of internal and external influences, along with positive and negative factors. Those of you who had marketing classes in college are well familiar with them. Honestly, when in college, I never figured I would really do one in the real world.

The analysis was quite enlightening and extremely beneficial. We realized with such a large list and only picking our top three to focus on, how much we CAN’T get done. But by only focusing on three, we can concentrate on doing three really well instead of twenty and never completing them.

I think it was also educational for all of us, Where some saw weakness, others saw strength and was to promote it. The hardest for us was the threats, since they seem to be the most uncontrollable. We have to take faith in the other three quadrants, that by working them, our threats will solve themselves.

So I suggest no matter what type of business you are in to take the time to do the exercise, you’ll benefit not only from the experience, but will be able to be more focused.

Oh, and thanks to , Craig Durosko of Sun Design and Remodeling, his article can be found here.

Thanks for reading.