Night photographs of exteriors for real estate listings can be an effective way to convey warmness and attractiveness of the home. These shots are more accurately dusk shots vs. Night shots since the photographer tries to get some light in the night sky along with the warm glow of the interior lighting.

The shots do hide the details of the home and should not be used as the only exterior shot in your listing. However, the night shots will male your listing stand out among the rest.

Night shots are best used on larger homes with a decent amount of windows. Interior lighting with incandescent lighting is best to produce the warm orange glow. The photographer will light the exterior using additional lighting in order to produce an good balance of sky and interior lighting.

Night shots will capture the viewer’s eye in a different way and will convey mood, texture and rich color compared to the daylight photo of all the other listing.

So if you want your listing to stand out among the others, consider a night shot for the prime photo in your listing.

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