Starting a business in today’s economy may seem impossible.  Sure there are encouraging words from the Government on help for small businesses, financial aid.  Let me tell you, good luck.  We tried, and all we heard were catch-22’s like you have to be in business two years before we can lend you money for your start-up business, or you have no income, how can we lend you money to start a business…

Well I’m here to tell you it is not impossible.  Now this is coming from the perspective of a Real Estate Photography and Marketing firm with low start-up costs.  We did not need to buy a fleet of vehicles or heavy machinery.  But there is hope for every type of business.  The key:  Start small and slowly build to your vision.

Long into your business venture you will be investing all the money you make back into your business to get to where you plan.  Trust me, buying something for your business with cash feels a lot better than having a loan payment every month.

Keep in mind your professionalism and attitude paired with a superior product will far outweigh showing up in a fancy fleet vehicle.

Thanks for reading 😉