As we talked about earlier, one of our first clients came from offering our services for free.  I don’t want to tell you this is the only way to get your client list growing, but it certainly helps to build your references.

So how about the paying clients?  Our first few clients came from two sources: our website via Google and Craig’s List.

Having a well established web site before you start looking for business is a must.  Doing everything you can to get it relevant in search results is even more key to your success.  Don’t fall for SEO ploys, they only work short term.  A well written and structured site with relevant and frequently updated content will do the job better than any SEO company.  More on websites in a later post.

Clients that find your website via Google are more or less unexpected.  You can’t plan for them, they just happen.    We landed one of our first big clients by them searching the web and finding us.  They are still a client today.

The second way we got our first set of clients was simple: we answered a post on Craig’s List.  It wasn’t exactly in our area, but it was a paying photo gig.  To this day, I still monitor Craig’s List for people looking for a Photographer.  I’ve seen comments that a “Professional” shouldn’t need to stoop to this level, but I’ve found there are people in the real world who get overwhelmed with search results and would rather have people come to them.

My best advice for getting your first client…patience!  Once you get over this hurdle, you’ll gain confidence and your path will be clearer.

Thanks for reading 😉