One of the powerful things about Twitter is not how many followers you have that you can reach out to, but their ability to retweet what you say. The retweeting can go on endlessly, and your reach is exponential in nature. So even though you may have a few hundred followers, your tweet can reach thousands.

How do you get retweeted? Louise Doherty in her post sums it up in two basic facts to get retweeted: keep it short, and keep it interesting.

But first, you have to give them something to retweet. Regardless of what industry you are in, keep the tweet as something interesting to your target audience. Remember, once you have their attention or get them to follow you, you can give them the party line.

For instance, we are in the web site business. If I tweet “HTML5 closer to standardization by W3C”, I know the attention I would grab would not be that of any client looking to get a web site built. I may change the tweet to something like “The web is about to get a facelift!”, which is friendlier to to layman, but probably still nothing they would care about.

So what are they interested in? You must think hard on who your target client is to find out. For instance, if I was a real estate agent or home builder, I would focus on an location I worked in and tweet about happenings in the town. Maybe a restaurant review, opening of a new store, a town fair. Make sense? No? By doing this, you not only are getting the attention of families, but those who are interested in the area in which you do business. Maybe someone who would like to move to that area. For an agent, showing you know the area is just as important as knowing how to sell a home.

There are a few other tools and uses of the retweet, which I’ll save for a later post.

Thanks for reading.