I spend a lot of time on the road.  I mean a lot

Besides the audio books to pass my time driving, which most of the time I end up spacing out and missing the plot, I listen to podcasts.

For those of you with an iPod, this is a great learning tool.  You can access podcasts through iTunes available from the Apple website (PC or Mac) and either listen to them directly on a computer or transfer to an iPod and listen on the go.

The reason I am such an advocate of the podcast genre is there is a wealth of information available by experts for free.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a bunch of BS out there, and a lot of just plain weekly radio talk show style podcasts.  But search around in your area of interest and guarantee you will find something.  Download as many past episodes as you have time for and listen through them.  You’ll find tidbits of new information and reaffirmation of stuff you already know.

On the road I usually let them play in the background, some last for 0 minutes, some last for 1 hour or more.  Each new episode is downloaded via iTunes by “subscribing” to the podcast.

Topics I focus on are Apple/Mac news, Photography News, Tech, Small business marketing, and a few others.  Some are long winded and a bit repetitive, which is why it is good to play in the background.

Podcasts are also available as video which is a great how-to forum.  Lightroom and Photoshop for Digital Photographers are excellent examples of how-to videos.  Real Estate Photography Podcast is another top notch podcast I follow.

In the next post I give you a list of recommended podcasts that I listen to and feel are worth checking out.

Thanks for reading 🙂