The last post I covered using podcasts to pass your time while feeding your brain.  As promised, here is my weekly playlist:

1)  Mac Break Weekly/This Week in Tech/This Week in Google – From the TWIT Netcast Network and Leo Leporte.  There are a wide variety of available weekly podcasts, also available in video (stick with the audio).  These are the three I regularly listen to, although they are a bit long and repetitive.  More info at

2)  The Real Estate Photography Podcast – From Virginia Photographer Mike Miriello.  Covers technique, business advice, and other issues and advice related to the industry.  Usually only about 3 minutes in length, but available only as video.  But well worth watching.  Whether you are starting in the business or just curious on what other folks in your area are doing, check it out!  More info at

3)  Tech Stuff from How Stuff Works – Two guys, great personalities, and a wide variety of topics.  Each week is a tech topic and they go into detail on how it works.  More info at:

4) This Week in Photo – From the TWIT Network, but has broken off to have their own website and cover less technology and more photography.  Great hosts and guests each week.  More info at:

5) Duct Tape Marketing – I’m sure you heard of the book now listen to the podcast.  Actually it is more of a host/guest style talk show, but still interesting.  More info at:

Those are my Favs, but here are a few more:

I’m always open to adding more to my playlist.  Feel free to share your playlist in the comment section.

Thanks for reading 🙂