In our previous post, we talked about the power of reaching thousands through a retweet.

To recap, the power of twitter is in the retweet functionality. By tweeting something worthy of sharing, your name and topic can reach way beyond your followers.

This is done by a retweet. You can see who and what has been retweeted by selecting the Retweet tab from your Twitter home page.

So to be successful in the retweet realm, you must now be the expert in writing headlines. Topics that catch peoples interest, worded well enough to get their attention. Retweeting just a shortened URL will never get anywhere, you must describe it, tell them why it’s interesting.

One of the many useful things about this is that it can be used as an experiment. You can tweet the topic several times and analyze the retweet and trending to see what works. Authors do this with book titles, bloggers do this with their blog post titles, and marketers do this with everything they market. An inexpensive way to polling.

So for instance you are a real estate agent, you can tweet several different versions of your listing catchphrase to see what works. “A beautiful one bedroom apartment,” “Spectacular views of the city,” or “No condo fee, tons of amenities” may be a few tries to see what works.

Remember, you don’t know what people like until you do market research.

Thanks for reading.