Keeping Your Name and Face in Front of Potential Buyers and Sellers will Increase Your Listings and Sales.

The way forward for the real estate market is to utilize appropriate marketing principles to attract the appropriate target group of prospective potential buyers. These principles seen as the 3 P’s -the right product (the home presented in the best manner), the right promotion (advertising in target media – online and offline) and the right price.

The internet is a fantastic media to reach prospective buyers . But it does not promote you as a Real Estate Agent. Effective Marketing Campaigns not only promote the property, but also the agent.

Non-electronic means of promotion are more effective in reaching your future clients who are not actively looking. By putting the information right in front of them, you get your message across.

Effective Marketing campaigns include:

  • Postcards promoting New Listings
  • Postcards promoting Agent Success
  • Flyers promoting the property AND the agent
  • Agent-specific brochures with properties
  • Novelty items (calendars, pens, …)
  • Door Hangers targeting specific neighborhood

Direct Mail

Real estate postcards can play a major role in your marketing program. When used properly, postcards can generate a steady stream of qualified leads without breaking the bank.

Postcards can produce all kinds of sales activity for all types of businesses. For example, they can produce web site traffic for online marketers, floor traffic for retail stores, sales leads for direct marketers …and just about any other type of sales activity a business wants. Because postcards are delivered “ready to read”, almost everybody will read it – even people who usually throw out other types of direct mail without opening it.

Postcards are simple and easy to use – they produce results fast. You can mail postcards within a few days of deciding to use them …and you’ll start getting sales activity 2 or 3 days later They direct the reader to where they can get more information. This makes them ideal for generating traffic to a web site.
You can accurately target your best markets by sending postcards only to mailing lists of prospects likely to be interested in what you’re offering …and who also have a history of acting on offers that interest them. Postcards normally generate over 90 percent of their total response within 7 to 10 days. This enables you to quickly and accurately evaluate the results of a postcard campaign.

BTW images offers dozens of designs for you to pick from or we can work with you to make your ideas a reality. We offer design, printing, and mailing services for your postcards, leaving your time free for more important business!

Flyers & Brochures

Flyers and brochures are other ways to reach you target market. They provide more space to convey your message and promote your properties!

Showpiece Brochure
Separate your special listing from the stack of open-house flyers with an elegant showpiece brochure. This large format piece allows you to showcase lots of pictures and plenty of descriptive text.

Tri-Fold Brochure
A tri-fold brochure is a great size – small enough to tuck into a pocket or bag, yet large enough to include lots of information and plenty of pictures.

Personal Promotion Brochure
The personal promotion brochure makes it incredibly easy to introduce yourself and your services to an entire neighborhood. The tri-fold format provides more space than a postcard to talk about what sets you apart from other agents.

Let BTW images design the right brochure for you. Our products use high quality paper and full color printing. We incorporate the best pictures and property/agent information to provide the ultimate marketing material.


***BTW images is only able to generate property marketing material using photos we have taken.  ***