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Home Video Tours

With the popularity of social media and video distribution sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, over 90% of homebuyers begin their search on the internet. Not to mention the fact that most households include numerous computers, plus a growing percentage of SmartPhones – essentially a pocket computer with phone calling capabilities!

And let’s state the obvious: People would rather watch a video than a collection of static photos or slog through pages and pages of text. More people watch the movie than read the book! That’s just the way it is today!

Video is more realistic, more appealing, and can evoke emotion – something still photos and text cannot do. And emotion is why people buy real estate. Real estate video tours help save you time, save you money, sell more real estate and achieve more top rankings on search engines such as Google.

“Web appeal” is the “Curb Appeal” of yesteryear. How your listing appears online means the difference between a buyer picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment, or clicking the “NEXT” button….

Clients everywhere will know and seek you out because you cater to their needs and their busy schedules. Video is more impressive than a virtual tour in showcasing the beauty and serenity of landscapes, gardens, swaying trees, water features, flying birds, floating clouds, fountains – it all adds to the vibrancy and exuberance of the video presentation.

A video tour of your home shows off the property with immense visual and emotional impact. We believe that emotional connection increases the odds of your being contacted by a potential buyer for an appointment for a personal tour.

Step up your marketing program by offering the BEST tours online! The difference is clear! The 1-2-3 punch is staging your home properly, photographed with top notch photos, and complimented by a high definition walk through video tour!

Integrated Live Video Tour

Do you want to connect to your target market and grab the attention of possible buyers? Then check out our newest product, The Integrated Live Video Tour.
The Integrated Video Live Tour includes an opening segment, closing segment and anything else you would like to explain or feature about the property.

An opening video introduction would introduce you as the agent and your property.  The introduction is the most important because it will connect you with the audience.  The opening could be outside of the property or in the Foyer or anywhere you chose.

The videos are a great way to express to your clients how great the property is and what are the best parts of the house.  For example the kitchen or the master bedroom.  There could be an amazing backsplash in the kitchen that you could emphasize on.  It will also create a bond between you and the client.

After each segmented video, your visual tour will continue and your clients will  see the rest of the house.

The closing video would be your final remarks and thanking your client for viewing your tour and offering how the client can contact you about this property.

If you need more than 2 clips, we can provide clips of the kitchen and anywhere else you need us to be.  There is no additional lighting needed, no artwork and no graphics.

Try out our video visual tour and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us

Green Screen Live Property Introduction Videos!

Property introduction videos are now easier than ever and can now be done without you ever needing to leave your office!  Check out our Green Screen Live Property Introduction Videos!

We set up our green screen either at our studio or we can come to you.  You would bring several outfit changes, including once for each season.  Then we would get takes of you in each outfit doing general intros and closings.  We’ll keep that footage and then after your property photo shoot with BTW images, we will take the front exterior photo and and use that as the backdrop for your videos.

Do you like to feature things in the middle of your tours?  We can do a general “look at this gorgeous kitchen” video or “you could be out relaxing by this amazing pool” or whatever else you can think of that you could use for multiple listings.   Not sure about what you want to do?  Call us today and we’d be glad to help you come up with some ideas!