In today’s competitive business environment, professionals need to keep up with technology and make every effort to get their brand and their message the most exposure possible.  One way to stay ahead in the game? – Video Marketing.

There are countless ways that using video can increase your business.  The most obvious way to use video on your website is to give your client information about something. Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text and that 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.? (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco)  Also, People are 75% more likely to watch video than read print. (Forrester Research)  Whether it’s introducing yourself or your company, telling people why they should stay on your website and what they’ll find, or telling them how they can find more information, if you really want people to hear your message, the most effective way is through video.

Not only can you get information out about your company through video, you can provide your clients with resources and information that will be useful to them.  For example:  a dog groomer can post videos such as “What to Expect For Your First Visit to the Groomers” and  “How to Keep Your Pet Looking Nice Between Grooming’s”.  Not only does make your potential client feel more informed and confident about contacting you, it makes them feel that you really care about them.  Plus, if a potential client sees that you are the one in your field who has industry information, provides insider tips, or easily explains seemingly complicated things, they will know that you are an expert.  Why go with a someone who is like everybody else when they can have the expert?

Another reason to include videos on your website – exposure.  Video provides customers with the chance to get to know you.  If they see you face, if they hear your voice, you will be the one that sticks in their head.  People are more likely to prefer and choose things that they find familiar.  Video is the ultimate opportunity to create brand recognition.  In addition, adding video to your website can even create more exposure of your website itself.  Multimedia, including video, isn increasingly dominant in search engine results, with YouTube leading the way.  It is just one more way you can get higher up in that google search and get clicked on before your competitors.

There are many, many more ways you can use video to grow your business.  For ideas or for more information, give us a call at 703.340.6383!


What is Your Website Lacking?  Testimonials!

You have a web presence but you don’t have testimonials from satisfied clients. Without testimonials, which are a great part of your credibility, people will be reluctant to interact with you and will certainly be reluctant to buy from you.

On the other hand, if you are able to show testimonials from loyal clients who believe in what you do and how you do it, other people will want to try you and your offerings out as well.

Be consistent: It is not always easy to ask for a testimonial. However, if you never ask, you will never receive. There is nothing wrong with offering some sort of incentive if a former or current client is willing to write a testimonial for your business. If you get in the habit of asking each and every customer for a testimonial, you will have plenty of testimonials from which to draw when you need them.

Be specific: When you request a testimonial, it helps them and you if you tell them specifically what you would like included in the testimonial. The more specific details that are included in the testimonial, the more powerful it will be for you and your business.

Honesty: Whenever possible, you should have real names in your testimonial. If real names are not used, the testimonial will not have the same credibility and will thus not carry the same weight. If it is impossible to have the full name stated in the testimonial, you should at least have the first name and last initial.

Timing: The best time to request a testimonial is right after you have completed a project with the person of whom you are making the testimonial request. The reason for this is that the experience of working with you (in whichever capacity) will still be very top of mind for them.

Obtaining permission: It is very important to be clear about the fact that once you receive the testimonial, it will be published for everyone to see.

Testimonials can take on many forms: Not all testimonials are in writing. The most powerful testimonials are also visual and they can be still images or videos.  People don’t always take the time to read something and even if they do, why would the be compelled to believe text on a page that could have been written by anybody.  However, if you have a client candidly talking about how amazing you are the viewer can see that it is genuine.  Also, people are much more likely to watch & listen to 45 seconds of a video than they are to read 45 seconds worth of text.  Therefore, you can get more of your message to your target audience.

This is where BTW images comes in!  Our professional videographers use the latest technology to create high quality testimonial videos.  Why choose BTW images?  We care about every aspect of your video.  We don’t just come, shoot, and leave.  We make sure hair is in place, ties are straight, provide input on things like gestures and facial expression.  We also offer full hair and makeup services.

Posting the testimonial: As you are deciding where to post the testimonials that you have received, remember how powerful they can be for your business. You should put them in a place of prominence where everyone can see them and be impressed by them.

You should never underestimate the importance and the power of testimonials. You deserve the reward of having your loyal, satisfied customers tell everyone about the excellent work that you do.

Video Resumes

Video resumes are a way for candidates to go beyond traditional methods of applying, such as submitting only a resume, cover letter, and work samples. Lasting typically 60 seconds, these videos are your shot to make the best first impression to an employer. A video resume lets the employer literally see you and hear your case (via your communication skills, personality and charisma) as the best candidate for the job – all before the interview takes place.

Introduction/Profile Videos

What is one of the best ways to get more clients?  An introduction or profile video on your website!

Introduction videos are a great way to get people on your website, keep them on your website, and entice them to choose you for what they’re looking for.  There are so many options on what you can do with your video and BTW images is always here to help you figure out what would work best for you.

You can do a video that welcomes viewers to your website and tells them what they’ll find there and how to contact you for more information.  A profile video tells viewers who you are, what you do and what makes you special.  You can include montages of things, such as homes you’ve sold or include B-roll of you working with a client.

It has been proven that people nowadays are much more likely to watch a video than they are to read something.  If you’re going to put time and effort into creating your message, video is the way you make sure it actually gets heard.

Not only do intro videos provide information, they allow the viewer to connect with you.  The more a potential client sees your face and hears your voice the more familiar you become.  Someone is much more likely to choose someone they’re familiar with than someone who feels like a stranger.

Camera shy?  No problem!  BTW images works with all types of people to create videos that work best and are comfortable for them.  Call BTW images today to talk about your options about doing a great, professional video for your website.


Once you’ve got someone on your website how do you get them to stay on it?  You have to keep their interest and the best way to do that is with video.  However, the viewer needs to receive some benefit from watching the videos in order to stay interested.  Providing viewers with informational videos not only keeps them on your website, but it means they actually receive the message that you want them to receive, whereas if it were just written in text, the viewer probably wouldn’t have read it.

Video is a great way to educate and inform your audience, but there is a great benefit to you as well.  If a potential client watches a video where you are explaining something and connection is instantly formed.  They are more likely to choose you to do business with because it will have been established that you are the one who is helping them with something they may not know much about.  Plus, if you have videos explaining the details of your industry or helpful tips, etc. and one of your competitors doesn’t, who do you think will look more like they really know what they’re doing?  Who do you think is more likely to win their business?  You!


What is one of the best ways to grab an audience?  Give them something interesting to watch!  Whether you’re trying to get more outside business or you want to send a message within your internal business, video is one of the most effective and most entertaining ways to do it.  Call us today – we’d love to help you figure out how you can use video to grow your business!