Our company is not only in the photography business, but we also do web development. We occasionally have clients come in to ask about producing an app for mobile and tablet devices. Although this is certainly something we can do, our first question is why?

For us to produce an app, the cost to the client is in the thousands of dollars. Now don’t get me wrong, an app can be quite useful depending on the line of business. However, in order to cover all bases, an iOS and android app must be produced, along with tablet versions of both. And any upgrades must be pushed out to the user.

I try to analyze exactly what the customer is expecting and look at their requirements. About 99% of the requirements can be met with a much simpler and less expensive mobile web page. Modern mobile devices support HTML5, which provides a rich and interactive web site able to meet the needs of the client.

Advantages to a mobile site include easier compatibility among devices, server side updates, and much less time to produce and maintain.

So if you are considering an app for your business, talk to your web developer (or us!) to see if a much simpler and less expensive solution exist.

Thanks for reading.