Service Policies

Cancellations:  BTW images reserves the right to charge an $55  fee for all cancellations under the cancellation period.  Real Estate photo shoots must provide 4 hours notice before the scheduled appointment.  Cancellations for Video and Head Shots require a 48 hour notice.

Time Limits:  Video and Photo shoots are scheduled for a finite amount of time.  Overrun of this time may incur an hourly fee of $85/hour if determined not to be the fault of BTW images.

Force Majeure:  BTW images is not liable for any service interruption or cancellation due to weather or Force Majeure.

Third Party Services:  BTW images interfaces with several third party vendors such as printing, hosting services, and delivery.  BTW images assumes no responsibility for the quality and timeliness of these vendors.  BTW images does not require you to use these vendors and any issues should be addressed to them directly.

Site Condition:  The client is solely responsible for the preparation and condition of the site to be photographed.  If BTW images determines that the site is not properly prepared or that preparation of the property will delay the photographer, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment and charge a $85 cancelation fee.  It is our policy that the photographer shall not stage or move anything on the proper and the property shall be photographed as presented.

Arrival Time:  BTW images shall notify any client of a late arrival.  Although we aim to be on time to every appointment, we cannot control the traffic, weather, or other factors that may cause a delay.  We will make every effort to keep within our allotted time slot and to arrive as scheduled.  Extreme lateness due to circumstances beyond our control may be eligible for a discount on the next service.

Discounts:  BTW images may decide to offer discounts for unsatisfactory service.  Any discount is at the sole discretion of the owners of BTW images.  No discounts can be given for third party services.

Liability:  BTW images is not liable for the failure of income of any marketing material we provide.

Quality:  BTW images will provide the client with the highest quality of service, images, and video possible.  However, the quality is limited to the subject being filmed or photographed.  In other words, a messy, dirty house will produce a high quality photo of a messy, dirty house.

Online Availability of Product:  BTW images utilizes third party services to host our virtual tours, photo and video delivery, and web sites.  Although we have chosen vendors with high availability, routine maintenance and server outages are beyond our control.  We assume no responsibility for these outages, but will work to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

3D Immersion Scan (Matterport):  The 3D Immersion scan of your property will be available within your virtual tour within 24 hours from the time the scanner leaves the property.

Floor Plans:  Initial draft of all floor plan services will be available 2 business days from the time the drafter leaves the property.

Alterations of Photos:  No alteration of photos or videos produced by BTW images is permitted by anyone other than BTW images beyond resolution changes.  No use of Photoshop or other image and video altering software is permitted on any product by the client or associates.

Additional Fees:  Any work requested outside of the planned service may incur an hourly fee.  This includes additional edits to videos, additional time on site, and alteration to photos beyond the true scene.

Product Turn-around:  BTW images guarantees a 24 hour turn-around on listing photography from the time the photographer leaves the property.  Delivery times on products other than listing photos varies and is not guaranteed within 24 hours.

Web Site Visibility:  BTW images does our best to build a search-friendly web site and virtual tour.  We do not guarantee nor are we liable for the visibility of your online product within search engines.

Client Cooperation: We do our best to get you a finished product as soon as possible.  At times this requires cooperation and information from the client in a timely manner.  We assume no responsibility for delay of deliverables due to client delays.

Retakes and Rainy Day Policy:  BTW images does not control the weather or the condition of the property.  Any requested retakes of scenes that is not due to the fault of BTW images shall incur an additional fee.

Referral Credit: Referrals are the best compliment a company can receive and we truly appreciate your faith in our product. Upon payment of your refferal’s photoshoot, you will receive a $50 credit toward your next service with BTW images.

Payment:  A 50% deposit is required for all Video and Portrait sessions.  The remaining balance is due at the time of shooting. Properties that are no longer on the market or services that are no longer needed are not excluded from payment.

Invoicing: An invoice for services will be sent electronically 3-5 business days from the service date. Payment is due upon receipt. A $45 late fee per invoice will be assessed for every 30 days from the date of service for all unpaid invoices.

Refunds:  BTW images does not provide refunds for services completed.  We will attempt to resolve any product shortfalls and will issue credit if necessary to future work.