I recently read a posting on the REALTOR.com web site (Read Posting) that basically gives instruction to it’s members on how to take BETTER listing photos with their phone.

OK, so I know that agents taking photos with their phones certainly cuts in on my territory, and not every property can benefit from Professional photos, but I don’t think that is what made me wonder about this article.

I’ve attended many technology seminars at Real Estate offices in the past and I am usually amazed by what I hear.  From the misleading guidance they give them about twitter and facebook to do-it-yourself tips like this, and oh, the use of the flip camera for walkthrus (think Blair Witch Project as a result…).

Look, I don’t claim to be a Real Estate Professional, and they should not claim to be professional photographers.  I know technology has put decent cameras in phones, great for bar photos for your friends, but there is more to it than resolution.  Straight lines, color correction, wide angles, etc.  And focus!

I have an iphone 4, a pretty good camera by any means.  Great for candid dog shots.  But what would an agent think if I showed up to a paying gig and shot with my phone?  Would you still pay me?

What I’m saying is your client deserves the best, no matter what the price of the house is going to sell for.  A home to a low income family means a lot more to them than someone selling their home at $3 million.  Treat them with respect, they deserve it.

My other gripe is the misinformation that Realtor.com is putting out, condoning the practice.  A professional organization should inform its members on how to be professional, not tips to be a better amateur.

Thanks for reading.