We recently began what is turning out to be the hardest task we’ve done since starting…redesigning our own web site.

Sounds easy for a company that designs web sites for other small businesses, huh?  Well, not really.  Especially for a company that has a somewhat diverse service line.

Those of you familiar with our company know that we offer professional photography, videography, and graphic design.  We also offer custom web site development.  Those of you familiar with web sites for any of these areas know that the overall designs are generally different.

A photographic web site usually is done in Flash with large photos in a slideshow displaying the artist’s work.  A web developer is usually either sleek or somewhat crowded.  The two styles are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Combing all aspects into one does not really seem possible, yet it is the challenge we are faced with.

Outside of the design aspect and the owners going back and forth on what we like, we are also faced with combining several sites into one.  Since our main web site is in pure html and flash, we hosted our blog separately.  This is not good for SEO, so combing them will help us in the search engine rankings and be less confusing for visitors.  Our portfolio is hosted by smugmug and again is a separate site.  The service works well for us for providing the photos in a timely manner to our clients, so integrating it into our new website is a must.  But the integration must keep the branding of our new site.

Then there is the technology.  We want the latest and greatest technology, widgets, ideas, etc. to come through on our site.  Integrating them in a sensible manner is sometimes hard.  Whether it is worrying that a client is viewing us in IE6 and cannot view HTML5 or it just doesn’t make sense to be on the site.  But we want viewers to see a great site and say “I want that too”.

So stay tuned for the story of our progress of developing a new site for our own company.  Hopefully we will soon have a design…maybe.

Thanks for reading.