As expected, the number of tweets during the Super Bowl were staggering.  The final seconds of the game saw traffic increase to 12,000 tweets per second, with the Madonna half-time show seeing about 10,000 per second.

Twitter is fast growing to be the immediate go-to social media site, although not even close to the number of users on Facebook.  Convenience to post via mobile phones has certainly made a difference in their popularity.  In our “I want it now” world, getting the information out there first seems to be an unwritten competition.  It is highly unlikely someone found out who won the Super Bowl from your tweet, but getting on the timeline seems to be necessary.

I took some time to read some of the tweets scrolling on my timeline during the game.  Most seemed to be about the commercials and talking about how Madonna’s performance ranked up to her old self.  Steve Martin and Billy Crystal kept the jokes rolling, and JW Marriott proudly talked about their awesome building that donned the Indy skyline.

Honestly, it was the one time I found twitter interesting and worth reading.  Maybe I need to clean out my list that I’m following.

Thanks for reading.