Blogs provide a great way to express you opinion to the world beyond the micro logging sites. Integrating them into your web site adds to the SEO ranking also. One of the great things about blogs is they have a user friendly interface to update the entry, much like a word processor. But is your blog being used to it’s fullest on your site?

A blog entry can be tagged with categories. These categories can be used as a filter when displaying them on your site. They can also be filtered in the rss feed to other sites.

Huh? Ok, for example, this blog entry is categorized “front page” to display on our front page of our blog. It also has several other tags to make it easy to retrieve. But we also use our blog to post company news on our web site. This is another tag, so these post do not show on the front page of our blog, but are filtered via an rss feed directly to our web site.

As a simpler example, if you wanted a sidebar with “employee news”, you can create a tag and a filter to just display employee info in your sidebar and keep this information from cluttering your main blog stream.

By categorizing and filtering your blog post, you can use the same interface to update numerous areas of your web site and by adding the rss filter, you can update many sites.

Thanks for reading.