Looking to add something special to your listing?  Well look no further, we got the answer!

We’ve integrated the ability to add video to our Virtual Tours.  Called Tactical Video, the clips can be of any length, full quality HD Video and can integrate any type of video.  Best when used with a combination of video and photos, the video will add the WOW factor to your listing!

So what is the best way to use this new feature?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Add a personal introduction to the tour – Video of you in front of your sign introducing the property and welcoming the viewer will add a personal touch to any tour and get your face and voice in front of the potential client.
  • Add a generic introduction to your tour – Introduce your self and welcome them without mentioning the address of the property and reuse the clip for every tour.
  • Add select clips of you in the home – Mixed with still photos, pick a few locations within the home to talk more about the home, the special features, and the neighborhood.  One clip will certainly have them looking for more and is a great way to replace wordy printed material.
  • Highlight special features of the home through video – Fountains, streams and rivers, serene and tranquil views are all great motion clips that still photos cannot capture.
  • Replace 360 degree panoramas with video – Although not viewer controlled, video can simplify the panoramic experience by showing the full scene without the need to interact.

A few things to keep in mind when using this feature:  Keep the quality high (both the video and the audio), Keep the Video clip short, and Use your time wisely.  Most buyers will explore a home first online, and it is your chance to make your best impression!

For more ideas and to discuss how to make your listing stand out from the rest, give us a call or reach out online!