When we first started BTW images, we felt a lot of confusion about Virtual Tours. To us, virtual tours were 360 degree panoramas displayed online. In the real estate industry, virtual tours included any still photo posted online and linked to a listing.

Now that we have begun offering true videography, we are faced with the same dilemma. To us, video is true motion with audio, etc. A slidecast is still photos with panning motion added and converted to video format. We have offered this since we opened BTW images, and now our competition is starting to offer this type of “video”. MRIS has also offered to convert the photos to video for $5 extra.

Right now, any type of video posted on the Internet is great for search engines. Still photos converted to a video format look no different than full motion video to the Internet, although the viewer is well aware. There is nothing wrong with either product and the more information you can place on the Internet, the better.

So don’t be surprised if we asked for more specifics when you ask us for video. We just want to determine if you need a slidecast or a full motion video.

Thanks for reading.