Media Terms of Use

When you hire a professional photographer you pay a License fee which grants you permission and the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to “Use” digital copies of original photographs for a specific period of time and for a specific Use – sort of like renting a hotel room or leasing an automobile – you do not own the room or automobile, you simply pay for the right to use it temporarily.

Photographers own the Copyright (100 years, automatically renewed) and we have the right to pursue payment for any unlicensed Usage of any kind. Damages could be severe (a percentage of your profits) if our photographic work was used to actually sell a home or represent anything without our written permission and a License.

Ownership: BTW images retains Ownership and Copyright of the Work and Rights to Use and sell the Work indefinitely, in all forms including and not limited to BTW images’ own Use for any personal or commercial portfolio, advertising, marketing, display and for resale in both print and digital media.

* You may NOT “Give” or “Transfer” photographic work to another Realtor and or Realty Company if say, for example, you lose the listing. The images need to be Licensed by the new listing Realtor as it is a new Use from a new party or company. Photographs do not “come with” a listing.

The internet makes digital transfer all too easy these days, but “copy and paste convenience” does not bypass License or Copyright Laws or give anyone the right to Use Copyright protected material for commercial or any other purposes without permission and a fee paid thereof.

BTW images does understand the intended usage for Real Estate Photos is marketing in the MLS which propagates to other web sites and may become public domain.  BTW images reserves the right to pursue legal action and compensation if determined that the media is clearly misused beyond the agreed licensing.

BTW images does allow a copy of the photos to be provided to the home owner for their personal use.  Use of these photos by the home owner is limited to non-commercial and profit use and shall not be published in any form.

For Real Estate, the owner of the property releases all rights to the location by agreeing to have the property photographed.  For model and people photography not in a public location, BTW images will obtain model releases by all appearing in the video/image.

The above information also applies to other photographic and video services provided by BTW images.  BTW images retains the ownership over all media, and delivered products can be used solely by the client for marketing purposes as agreed to by the Client and BTW images.

BTW images does not permit alteration of our photos or video in any way other than change in resolution.

BTW images does require all published images in commercial publications to be credited to the company.